About Us


Oliver Twist Shack (OTS) is a restaurant and bar with an aesthetic fusion of the rustic design of the vintage order and the style of modernist architecture. It provides a functional space designed with wood; a sustainable and environmentally favorable construction material. OTS offers a lasting crave with an exceptional casual dining experience. It steadily evolves into the total nightlife experience with its charming antique appearance illuminated by the vintage string lights overhead or engaging props for its many theme nights. It was designed to have the modern feel of a new-age restaurant and bar with the local elements of indigenous settings.

The name Oliver Twist is inspired by the novel of same name which highlights the themes of steadfastness, sympathy to others, bravery, honesty, thankfulness, cooperativeness and kind-heartedness. In the same manner, Oliver Twist Shack dared to introduce delish meals and redefine nightlife in a seemingly concealed part of the capital with so much potential, Laterbiokorshie.

The #OTWay was coined to represent a distinctive way of combining an exclusive dining experience with a vibrant nightlife scenery that leaves you indefinitely reminiscent.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of the Top 10 restaurant and bar franchises across the subregion in the next 10 years.